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Swiss Systems

Swiss precision.

Swiss Systems –the intelligent networking of devices and production types in order to enhance the quality of food. Establishments that work with us benefit from solutions you won’t find in any cookbook, which enhance the status of the chef’s profession and delight their guests.

When developing our cooking systems, we spent 50 years studying cooking techniques from the catering world, ranging from the fast food industry in the United States to the developers at Sous vide, the industrial frozen food company and Switzerland’s top chefs.

The aim was to explore what impacts the properties of food. We considered how products should be pre-prepared and processed so they can be efficiently prepared at a specific point in time without any drop in quality, and how food can be profitably improved and kitchen processes optimised.

The results speak for themselves: chefs are delighted with the professional shock freezing technology, the more attractive working schedule and increased flexibility when purchasing food. And guests are delighted when they don’t have to wait long to be served a hot meal with tender meat and tasty side dishes.

Your benefits with Swiss Systems:

  • More efficiency in the kitchen – greater profitability
  • Buy regionally from the farmer, butcher and greengrocer
  • Generate your own top in-house convenience – produce just once a week
  • 100% reliability in the mise en place – hardly any leftovers
  • Increased flexibility – adjust kitchen working hours and enjoy some evenings off
  • Increased production with the same staff numbers


Field report

Remo Stalder
«Thanks to Swiss Systems and Hugentobler's assistance, we were able to boost output from 1,000 to 6,500 meals a week while raising our quality. We succeeded very quickly in lowering the benchmark (board costs per resident/day) from CHF 42 to 16.»

Remo Stalder, Director of Food Services for Domicil Cuisine Bern (2014–2015)

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