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Innovations, inventions and patents.

Our vision – Happy chefs, better quality dishes and higher returns.

Our innovations and inventions have made a significant contribution to the development of modern Swiss cooking systems. They allow fresh dishes and local and seasonal specialities of excellent quality to be efficiently pre-prepared and served.

As far back as 1986 we developed our HG 2000 banquet system, a technology for preparing ready-made dishes directly on plates without cloches.

Equally renowned is our Hold-o-mat appliance for keeping food warm and cooking, featuring precision temperature control. And in 2000 we launched «freeze’n’go», a revolutionary cooking method for natural production, storage and preparation, followed by the Reg-o-mat in 2012, an appliance which allows dishes to be optimally regenerated.

The Reg-o-mat.
One of our latest inventions.

The Reg-o-mat gives your professional kitchen the ability to refresh dishes at the highest quality level.

get to now the Reg-o-mat

Innovations become products.

  • 1984Perforated baking trays.
    For convection ovens and combi steamers
  • 1986HG 2000 banquet system.
    Regeneration technology which allows ready-made meals to be prepared directly on plates without a cloche in a combi steamer
  • 1994GreenVac®.
    Bagless vacuuming straight into standard catering trays
  • 1995Hold-o-mat®.
    Appliance for keeping food warm and cooking, featuring precision temperature control / 2006 ICD Award Davos
  • 1999Compact kitchens.
    Optimal kitchen organisation featuring networking of appliances for small to medium-sized establishments: 1 chef for saucier and entremetier positions
  • 2000freeze’n’go®.
    Revolutionary cooking method for natural production, storage and preparation of dishes
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