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A stove precisely how you want it.

We build your Swiss stove in precisely the size and style that you need.

In our head office in Schönbühl/BE, we build Swiss stoves for generations. Our stoves feature theworld’s thickest covering, and each one is completely unique.

To help you plan, specialists who know the cooking profession are at your service. They know how to keep a lid on your costs and raise your productivity.

production features

The features of our production facility:

  • Practice-oriented planning by our specialists
  • On-time and expert production, delivery and installation
  • Swiss quality standards
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Highest professionalism in the oven wiring, with each component secured separately
Der Schweizer Herd

In three steps to the success.

Die stärkste Abdeckung

Toughest surface in the world.

We know how hectic things get in the kitchen. That is why we build cookers that can handle anything. The 9 mm surface is extremely robust, yet elegant.

Moderne Induktionstechnologie

Modern induction technology.

Lower electricity bills and less chaos, more productivity and success: our revolutionary induction technology makes it possible.

Hugentobler Garantie

Hugentobler warranty: you decide!

With the Hugentobler warranty, we'll tune up your Hugentobler Swiss stove regularly for 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 years or more. 

The Swiss stove.

Induction stoves from Hugentobler are the best example of how well-considered investments noticeably increase productivity and effectively lower operating costs.

More about the swiss stove

Hauptsitz Hugentobler AG

 Hugentobler cooking paradise.

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