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Gastro Beratung

It’s the mix that makes the difference.

Efficient processes, higher returns and a better energy balance: we provide professional consultation and support you in the planning and installation of your new kitchen.

Made up of 30 trained chefs who travel to kitchens across Germany and Switzerland every day. They provide you with advice and practical support as you plan your new kitchen and get it up and running.
During the planning process, they consider the big picture, factoring in environmental concerns such as energy efficiency, disposal regulations and the applicable hygiene laws, as well as the latest cooking system technology.
The aim is to ensure maximum performance of the appliance mix thanks to appropriate working processes, logical layout and correct use of devices and systems.

We offer:

  • Analysis and implementation of efficient processes, higher returns, a better energy balance
  • Support throughout major and minor projects, and recommended specific technical specialists
  • Information on trends in the kitchens of today and tomorrow
  • Tips and tricks not found in any operating manual

From analysis to planning and implementation.
We deliver everything from a single source.


Gastro Instruktion & Coaching
Gastro Instruktion & Coaching

Our expert chefs support you in the implementation of our cooking systems and optimal use of the equipment. They're right there with you in the kitchen for comprehensive instruction.

You can always call the chefs back in, if you have any questions. And if you're starting the season with new staff, we're happy to instruct them on-site as well.

Welcome to cooking paradise!

We're happy to advise you here at cooking paradise as well.
Our 1,200 m2 cooking paradise showcases appliances, technologies and innovative cooking systems for the future.
Visit us!

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Do you have questions about kitchen equipment or cooking systems and want to talk to our experts?



Would you like to attend a user or system course?

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Looking for financing options for your kitchen infrastructure?

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