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Hugentobler Kochparadies

Try out for yourself!

The 1,200-square-metre cooking paradise showcases appliances, technologies and innovative cooking systems for the future.

Want to know what it’s like to work in a life-size compact kitchen? Look no further. As a sole chef, you perform the roles of entremetier, saucier and garde manger, as well as providing a set menu and a la carte service.

Are you a member of a building committee? In our cooking paradise you can review and compare a wide selection of modern commercial kitchen appliances. We will then cook up exactly what you require for your project – whether it’s a retirement home or a 5 star restaurant.

30 catering suppliers under one roof.

Because catering is not only about food, we work with our partner companies to showcase modern cash systems, coffee machines, beverage dispensers, dishwashers, refrigeration systems, ventilation hoods, flooring, interior kitchen fitting solutions, hygiene concepts and much more.

The advisors from our partner companies are on hand to provide additional expert advice and demonstrations.

Gastro-Zulieferer im Kochparadies

Top quality for less money: our second-hand sale.

Our second-hand exhibition features all types of commercial kitchen appliances from leasing, rental or exchange and you might just find exactly what you’re looking for to complete your kitchen. All second-hand appliances have been serviced, are ready to collect and come with a guarantee.



Bäro GmbH & Co. KG
Balmer Haustechnik
Beer Grill AG
Blanco Gmbh
Brita Wasser-Filter-System AG
Cafina AG
Cool Compact GmbH
Elro Werke AG
Enviro Falk AG
Erme AG
GastroPerspektiv AG
Gehrig Group
Grapos Schweiz AG
Hugentobler Schweizer Kochsysteme AG
Meiko AG
Meiko Green Waste Solutions GmbH
Multivac AG
Oswald Cateringtechnik
Paulis Kitchen Solution by Optisoft
Rotor Lips AG
Saropack AG
Schär Trojahn AG
Schaller Uto AG
Vendomat AG
Winterhalter AG

Try out something new: Get a taste for our products in cooking paradise.

Opening hours
Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm

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