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Innovation und initiatives Verhalten

We deliver first-rate performance and assume responsibility.

We strive to perform even ordinary tasks extraordinarily well to ensure the satisfaction of staff, customers and suppliers.

We support our employees with initial and ongoing training and promote proactive conduct. Unconventional ideas are welcome – after all, innovation does not emerge from well-worn paths, but from breaking new ground.

Profit secures the future of the company and its employees. It is reinvested in accordance with our ethical commitments.

 mission (de)

Values & standards.

Our values and standards are at the centre of how we treat each other and work together with mutual respect. They are based on Christian ethics and create order and peace within the company.

 values & standards (de)

Hugentobler AG - Werte & Normen

Our vision.

Happy chefs, better quality dishes, higher returns.

Hauptsitz Hugentobler AG

 Hugentobler cooking paradise.

Requests Switzerland and EU
Gewerbestrasse 11
CH-3322 Schönbühl

+41 (0)848 400 900Contact