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Finanzpartner für Finanzierungslösungen

A competent financing partner in every situation.

We can help support you as a financial partner and work with you to identify a suitable financing solution for your project.

Having plenty of investment behind you is obviously the ideal situation when purchasing a new kitchen system. The reality is often quite different, however.
A complete renovation or the procurement of individual appliances could save money and open up new opportunities. But often the money is simply not there – and the banks set extremely high capital requirements. We offer alternatives.

Leasing on favourable terms.

Our in-house firm GV-Leasing AG was founded in 1994. It rents out and leases commercial kitchen equipment on advantageous terms to our customers, taking the pressure off your investment budget and opening up new perspectives.

GV Leasing Bank

Ask us for an attractive offer.
Tel. +41 (0)848 400 900.

Our in-house leasing company offers:

  • Fair leasing and rental terms
  • Flexible payment conditions
  • Collaboration with an industry partner
  • Option to rent, lease or purchase

Clever investing.

As a business man, I’m keen to double my

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Hauptsitz Hugentobler AG

 Hugentobler cooking paradise.

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